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Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Paperback, 264 pages
ISBN 978-1-57675-901-1
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Welcome to Effective Apology

“Apology is a subject we deal with (and worry about) every day.  This book lets us see it through new eyes. In the process, John Kador helps us better understand not only apology, but ourselves. It doesn't matter if you apologize or are apologized to—you're going to want to read this book.”
—Hank McKinnell, Former Chairman and CEO, Pfizer

“Nothing about apology is easy. In this vital, optimistic book John Kador helps us transform mistakes and setbacks into opportunities for rebuilding relationships on a new basis of accountability and transparency. You’ll want to keep Effective Apology nearby!”
—Christine Comaford, CEO, Mighty Ventures
Author, NY Times Bestseller Rules for Renegades

“This book gives you the essentials for crafting apologies that work at work. John Kador shares some of the practical, proven approaches to apology that every manager should master.”
—Lee Iacocca, Former Chairman and CEO, Chrysler Motors Corp.

“Kador has written a book for our increasingly linked, but increasingly disconnected, times. Apology reconnects us.  To apologize is to see things as they are, to accept our role in them, and to reset a relationship gone wrong.  In business, politics and society, this kind of wisdom is sorely needed.”
—Charles H. Green, Author, The Trusted Advisor

“Effective Apology is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to strengthen relationships and restore trust after an injury with a thoughtful, effective apology. This is a must-have book!”
Lauren Bloom, Author, The Art of the Apology: How to Apologize Effectively to Practically Anyone

“The issues raised by Effective Apology speak to every organization. John Kador makes a compelling business case for apology, and the consequences for holding back.  This book enables leaders to move their organizations toward higher levels of leadership, accountability and transparency.”
—John Sifonis, Author, Net Ready and Corporation on a Tightrope

“There are three ways to go through life: 1. Be perfect. 2. Be imperfect and pretend you aren't. 3. Be human and gracefully own up to it. John Kador wants us to live in the third way, and gently, masterfully shows us how to get there. What makes Effective Apology an important work is not just that it teaches you how to admit mistakes, but that it teaches you how to build better, stronger relationships.”
—Dale Dauten, King Features syndicated columnist and Author of The Gifted Boss

“This book will change how you approach your relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Apologizing is an art form that Kador makes accessible to all through the use of examples, analysis, reasoned argument and calls to insight and humility. Read this book, your life will be better for it.”
—Amy Lyman, Co-founder, The Great Place to Work Institute

“Effective Apology is the sort of book I wish I’d read years ago. With deft prose and dozens of vivid examples, John Kador has produced the definitive guide to using two simple words – I’m sorry — to improve our lives and ennoble our world.”
—Daniel H. Pink, Author of A Whole New Mind